EL Education Language Arts Curriculum
Aligned Interim Assessments

Schools that use the EL Education K-8 Language Arts curriculum already know that quality matters. Now they can have interim assessments that match the scope and sequence of the curriculum, the depth and rigor of the modules, and the knowledge and skills in the underlying standards. 

CenterPoint's web-based, curriculum-aligned, K-8 interim assessments mirror the curriculum's scope and sequence. The interim assessments were designed to complement the existing formative assessments embedded in the EL Education curriculum.

The EL Education aligned interim assessments from CenterPoint use technology enhanced items (TEIs) and constructed response items to measure what students know and can do. The assessment provide teachers and administrators with reliable data on student progress towards meeting end-of-the-year expectations.

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EL Education


Custom Assessment Development

Our experts can develop customized assessments aligned to your curriculum or work to build a collaborative development process with your team. 

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Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum
Aligned Interim Assessments

As educators make the switch to high quality curriculum, now they can have assessments that match. CenterPoint’s interim assessments are certified by Illustrative Mathematics® to be aligned to IM 6-8 Math™. The assessments have been thoroughly reviewed by the Illustrative Mathematics (IM) authors and are the only one to have been certified by the organization. The CenterPoint interim assessments certified by IM give teachers information specifically about their students’ progress on the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum and its underlying standards.

Built by content and assessment experts with a focus on quality, CenterPoint’s interim assessments match the scope and sequence teachers follow and reflect the kinds of deep work students do. No more disconnected assessments that provide generic data. Now teachers can have meaningful data that tie specifically to the curriculum and can directly inform instructional decisions 

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Assessment and Data Literacy Solutions

Educators need to understand how to use the tools in their classrooms and how to understand and use the results to make data-driven decisions. 

Let's explore how CenterPoint can expand the assessment literacy of your staff through flexible professional learning solutions.