EL Education

Schools that use the EL Education Language Arts curriculum already know that quality matters. Now they can have interim assessments that match the scope and sequence of the curriculum, the depth and rigor of the modules, and the knowledge and skills in the underlying standards. 

CenterPoint's web-based, curriculum-aligned, 3-8 interim assessments were designed to mirror the curriculum's scope and sequence and complement the existing embedded formative assessment.

What happens when curriculum and interim assessments are aligned?

  • Informed instructional decisions can be made quickly with real-time data that connects teaching and learning.
  • Learning is reinforced through questions based directly on topics from the curriculum.
  • Students are engaged and demonstrate what they've learned

The EL Education aligned interim assessments from CenterPoint provide teachers and administrators with reliable data on student progress towards meeting end-of-the-year expectations.

  • Available for grades 3-8
  • Can be administered within a class period or across multiple days
  • Uses technology enhanced items (TEIs) and constructed response items 

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