Assessment & Data Literacy Training

Identifying and supporting unfinished learning is top-of- mind for educators of all levels. 

  • What will my students know when they return to school and what learning gaps will they have?
  • What are some ways I can collect information about students’ knowledge and skills from a variety of sources without over-testing them right when they get back to school (when what they most need is connection and support)?
  • Once I do have data, how do I make sense of it and use it to inform instructional decisions, decisions about grouping, pacing, etc.

Building assessment and data literacy can help educators and school/district leaders understand how to select the right assessments to meet their purposes, how to understand the results from those assessments, and how to use the results effectively to make informed decisions to benefit students.

Virtual live and recorded webinars, self-guided courses, and on-site sessions (when in person training is possible) will prepare your educators for planning and implementing targeted, effective instruction this fall. 

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Training for Educators & Coaches

Teachers are focused on measuring what students know and developing personalized instructional plans to bridge any learning gaps. Assessment and data literacy sessions can help them know how to:

  • choose the appropriate assessment/s to match their instructional goals;
  • administer the assessments to the whole class or sub-groups;
  • analyze data from assessments to identify student strengths and learning gaps; and
  • use the data to build instructional plans to address the learning gaps.

Training for District and School Leaders

Administrators need to ensure that they have the right tools in place to measure student learning and that educators understand how to use those tools. Assessment and data literacy sessions can help leaders: 

  • identify and select high-quality assessments;
  • ensure educators have a clear understanding of assessment purposes and uses; 
  • use a variety of data sources to inform decision making; and
  • support educators’ use of data to improve student achievement.

Real Time or On-Demand Training 

Our assessment and data literacy training solutions can meet you where you are. We have a variety of sessions that can be delivered through:

  • live or recorded webinars;
  • self-guided courses; and
  • multi-day, one-day, or half-day 
    on-site training sessions (when in-person training is possible). 


Contact us to start planning the approach that works for you:

Tools to Measure
Student Learning

Diagnostic, formative, and interim assessments can provide educators and leaders with reliable, real-time data that will quickly identify student learning gaps. 

CenterPoint's web-based assessment solutions are available now on a variety of assessment platforms. Contact CenterPoint to schedule a demo.