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Illustrative Mathematics Aligned Assessments

  • Grades 3-5, 6-8, 6-8 accelerated, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry
  • Engaging technology enhanced items (TEI)
  • Real-time reports on college and career readiness standards

Delivered on Leading Platforms 

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It's time. 

As schools make the switch to high quality curriculum, it's time their educators can have assessments that match.

CenterPoint’s interim assessments are certified by Illustrative Mathematics® to be aligned to IM 3-5 Math, 6-8 Math, 6-8 accelerated, and 9-12 Math™.  

The CenterPoint interim assessments give teachers information specifically about their students’ progress on the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum and its underlying standards. 

Data-Driven Instruction 
Built by content and assessment experts with a focus on quality, CenterPoint’s web-based interim assessments:

  • are the only assessment certified by Illustrative Mathematics® (IM) authors
  • match the scope and sequence teachers follow
  • reflect the kinds of deep work students do
  • give teachers meaningful data that tie specifically to the curriculum
  • directly inform instructional decisions
  • can be delivered on leading platforms. 

Contact CenterPoint at or fill out the form to learn more about the interim assessments.