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States are required to administer annual assessments measuring student progress towards grade-level academic goals. Historically, critiques of state assessments have been based on concerns that tests:

  • take up too much instructional time,
  • are not aligned to what students learn in the classroom, so they are not fair,
  • may include bias in assessment and question design; and,
  • provide data too late to inform instruction.

State assessments are slated to be administered again after a two-year pandemic pause reinvigorating these concerns.

Rather than revert to more of the same, now is the time to rethink assessments and how they can better serve students, educators, families, policymakers, and taxpayers. 

CenterPoint Education Solutions invites you to join us.

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The Opportunity

Lead change locally...

Previous attempts to develop innovative assessments were well-intentioned, but they were largely driven by external experts focused on technical solutions rather than professionals closest to student learning. 

That is about to change.  

CenterPoint Education, a nonprofit, mission-driven organization, is actively seeking schools and districts to work hand-in-hand with us to design and develop curriculum-aligned, through-year assessments to possibly supplement, and someday replace, year-end summative testing. The schools and districts we seek are those who: 

  • Use EL Education English language arts curriculum in grades 3-8
  • Will participate as able in virtual meetings to help guide the development process
  • Are willing to prototype the assessments for one grade in 2022-2023 

The Benefits



Research shows students need to possess  knowledge of a subject to effectively read, comprehend, think, and write about complex texts. Curriculum-aligned, through-year assessments reduce unfamiliar topics thereby providing equal opportunity for all students to succeed. 



Students take curriculum-aligned, through-year assessments during the school year when material is fresh. Real-time data from assessments connected with the district's curriculum are more immediately relevant and allows educators to make strategic, informed instructional planning. Information becomes more useful to students and their families.



Curriculum-aligned, through-year assessments provide a tighter connection between what is taught and what is learned. Assessments become a seamless part of learning, making the student experience smoother. 

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